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Almost all you know about fitness is based on fads

Let's fix that.

Because bodybuilding, cross-fitting, jazzercise, and endurance sports fads, proceeded the science, the research, and the organization into research associations our knowledge gets exposed to a mix of good and bad ideas before the research reveals evidence to support our fitness. Drs Andrew Huberman and Andy Galpin discuss the history of exercise science in a recent 2-hour podcast.

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The 2-hour podcast focused on how to assess & improve all aspects of your fitness. Klocked has provided a breakdown including an interactive guide to assess 9 areas for physiological adaptation. For runners, this podcast has important information related to base building and overall balance between strength, power, endurance, and speed. For those that know how research in sports and fitness specific to women is lacking, there is a great discussion on that too (57:50).

For fitness enthusiasts, the episode also has a great overview of the history of fitness, bodybuilding, and endurance sports. This breakdown includes an interactive guide to the podcast episode. The discussion captures how minds are changed (fads start and die) and various events throughout history. An early heart attack death of a weightlifting proponent stalled out weightlifting in the 1880's (for nearly 70 years). How a researcher's mind was changed about bodybuilding in the 1950's with standing backflips. How Edmund Hilary and Arnold Schwarzenegger turned on endurance sports and bodybuilding and where we are today.

  1. Harvard Fatigue Lab (18:13)

  2. 90 year-olds with teenage VO2 Max (19:24)

  3. Twin Research (27:42)

  4. The 1950's trigger of endurance sports (40:53)

  5. The 1950's turnaround on Strength Training (43:14)

  6. The Cornhuskers, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Conan (45:45)

  7. Group fitness trend

It's possible to produce multiple hours on the history of exercise science and, perhaps most importantly, what we now know is wrong and we still don't know for sure. Let's get started with what matters some awareness of why we believe what we believe and assessing where fitness it at today with Drs. Galpin and Huberman.

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