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Klocked wins Best Mobile Solution Award

ePlay Announces Klocked Wins Ember Award For Best Mobile Solution

Award-winning app also releases new functionality for Klocked World Sports Metaverse

ePlay Digital Inc. (CSE:EPY | OTC:EPYFF | FSE:2NY2) (the “Company”) today announced that Klocked’s revolutionary 3D and augmented reality fitness app is the 2021 winner of an Ember Award for Best Mobile Solution. Klocked World also received updates with more functionality, interoperability, and property. Klocked is a new way to run and experience virtual runs and races. Klocked is the only real-time virtual race, only fitness app with 3D animated replays, highlights, and augmented reality audio, the one and only augmented reality unboxing experience, and the best way to create epic sports moments on your run today.

Video of Klocked co-creator and ePlay Digital CEO accepting Ember Award on the run.

“Klocked users and the judges of the 2021 Ember Awards walked and ran over 25,000 km in January,” says Trevor Doerksen, CEO of ePlay Digital. “For the first time ever, if you can’t get together in the real world, even if you are stuck on the treadmill, join us in Klocked World - choose solo, group runs, races, or drop in to Join Live.”

The Klocked Experience can be intense - especially on race days. It all starts with the only augmented reality unboxing experience in fitness. Then, on race-day, join early to check out the competition and get pre-race inspiration and tips from Coach Kelly. The suspense builds until the gun goes off and the augmented reality Klocked experience continues with real-time sports science and audio tips through to the finish line and the presentation of that new stunning medal. This is a virtual experience and race-day to remember. Maybe you will medal in your division - Klocked coaches will tell you how in real-time. There is no other physical race or app that does that.

Klocked P4 AI

Klocked helps everybody to get outdoors and provides daily real-time motivation towards healthy living. The Klocked P4 AI system augments a user's experience with real-time and interval audio cues making fitness fun, competitive, and gamified. Klocked not only equips users with motivation but with real-time information and data that is not available anywhere else. Klocked P4 AI includes Place, Placement, Performance, and Personal Best Augmented Reality (AR).

Adaptive Music

Weav Music’s patent-pending AR coaching features include:

  • Pace audio cues to help stick to training goals

  • Personal-best audio cues to help reach new goals

  • Audio guides to course landmarks

  • Audio coach with tips and inspiration to achieve new goals

  • Cadence detection and adaptive music to enhance performance

Coach Kelly

Coach Kelly joins Klocked users on race and fun run days. Upcoming races and fun runs include Berlin, Paris, and New York. Join 30-minutes before start time and Coach Kelly walks participants through the upcoming event. Coach Kelly is with you at race start, during the race, and through to the finish line. Check out the schedule.

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