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Happy Global Running Day

What is your favorite place to run? Let us know on Instagram to win free Klocked swag.

Trevor Doerksen, co-creator of Klocked and, as of May 1, 2022, first-time Boston Qualifier, favorite run is from LAX to Santa Monica.

Here's why.

My favourite place to run has to be the 18km / 11 mile run from LAX to the office in Santa Monica. I only started running more than 5-6k because of the traffic in LA.

"I have run from LAX to speak at conferences in Hollywood, downtown LA, and Marina Del Ray. I think the furthest was LA Games Conference - 22k from LAX to Hollywood. At the time I couldn't make the whole distance, so I took a scooter for the last bit."

You have to pack ready-to-run and know hotels can always offer an empty room with a shower. I can hop off the early morning flight in Los Angeles take a couple steps down the gate and I'm ready to go.

I get staff started on tasks while on the plane and follow up during the run. It was great for getting things done, saving time, money, and clearing my head."

Let's get out for Global Running Day. I'm going to do the Global Running Day 5k in Klocked today. This course is surrounded by palm trees, ancient ruins, and a few audio surprises.

From running gear with pack to work attire on run from LAX to Santa Monica.

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