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NYC 10k

The 6 mile (10 km) runs through Manhattan starting downtown and ending in Central Park.


Each participant gets a medal & video of their whole race. Select your avatar's gear and join the Klocked community on the start line.

Join the community and stay motivated! Get real-time coaching tips from professional run coaches.



Earn the stunning
NYC 10k Medal

Celebrate your achievement with a stunning NYC 10k Finisher's Medal.

The medal gets mailed to you when you have completed the race. You get a sneak peak
when you unbox in the Klocked App.
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Virtually Travel to NYC

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Klocked will 3D map your progress in real-time with every training and racing step. Run in the real world and power your avatar across Manhattan.

The immersive fitness experience you can use outdoors - no fancy equipment needed. Not only can you see your avatar and others on the map, but you can also explore, replay, and share your virtual surroundings.

Stadium Runners
One World Trade with Oculus PATH station.png



Explore, train, unbox, level up, and climb the leaderboard with a global community behind you.  

Klocked Unboxing
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Use Klocked app to customize and send your 3D avatar to compete live. Check out the course.


Register for real-time in Klocked! Can't make race day/time, register for the virtual run.

Grab your phone and headphones

Let's go on a journey from registration day to race day.

   Track your training

✅    Unbox your swag and level-up

✅    Receive Physical Race T-Shirt

✅    Receive Physical Race Medal

✅    Augmented Reality Race Bib

✅    Digital audio and 3D video race day

✅    Race Placement Announcements

✅    Course Landmark Announcements

✅    Race Performance Announcements

✅    Customize Avatar Looks and Gear

✅    Premium brand sneakers and gear available

✅    Private Spectator Code For Sharing Race

✅    Live and video-on-demand via Sportsnet

✅    Full race coverage with isolation cameras

✅    Placement prizes by division and gender

✅   View  in 3D and Augmented Reality

✅   Run with friends - race the world

✅   Compete for prizes and medals

✅   Event Highlight Reel

✅   Sports science data package

The Klocked Real-Time Race Experience will take place in Klocked App.
Virtual Run does not require app.
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Klocked App Screen Shots 1242 x 2688.002.jpeg
Klocked App Screen Shots 1242 x 2688.005.jpeg

New York Road Runners Team for Kids

We will donate $1 for every 100 miles you track with Klocked

Finishing Line


Get real-time pace, placement, place, and personal best (P4 AI) cues to keep motivated and striving for a new best. Watch and LISTEN below.

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