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"Tattshoos" NFT Collection

Tattshoos from Chris Clemence are the digital and physical sneakers you always wanted.  FULLY CUSTOM, HAND PAINTED, ONE OF A KIND Tattshoos are available from Chris. Make your statement in Klocked, Howie Go Viral, and Big Shot Basketball games too.

Sneakers are breaking records on the track and in marathons with a combination of foam and carbon. Tattshoos NFTs, digital wearables, and real world versions will look good wherever you and your avatar decide to wear.


Own Art & Technology Fused to Maximize Human Potential

Are you ready to step into the future and see the results? The Tattshoos NFT collection is a series of dynamic collectibles available at the highest resolution for the discerning sports NFT collector. The collection will be released for sale and limited in number. Only the brave will show up where art and technology fuse to maximize human potential.  

Tattshoos & Klocked

The Tattshoos NFT collection challenges our minds, adds technical beauty to our physical and virtual spaces, and bursts into the future of the sports metaverse. NFT collectors will unlock and level up in the real world with the Klocked app. Send your avatar to run and race on the holodeck with 3D replicas of the precious one-of-a-kind Tattshoos collector's items.


Your steps create new collectables

Your avatar, now suited up Tattshoos, unlock special powers. Your movement drives every step, walk, run, workout, and race in the real world. With all this extra power on the metaverse how could you not achieve a personal best in the real world?

The Tattshoo NFT collection will allow you to hit your stride and lay down an epic performance - all memorialized with video highlights and replays styled to complement the Tattshoo collection. Share these moments and add them to your NFT collection powered by you. When art, technology, and your personal best fuse to maximize your potential with an NFT collection that never stops growing as long as you never stop pushing for higher performance.

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