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Augment the wide world of sports with reality.

Klocked Sports World is the future of sports. A virtual world where users control, create, build, innovate, and curate unique virtual sports and entertainment content and real estate.


The Klocked Sports World Real-Time 3D (RT3D) and augmented reality metaverse creates live 3D sports content and engages sports fans.

The Klocked World virtual real estate platform is mapped over the entire surface of the globe, allowing users to purchase — and augment — any place on Earth. From stadiums to race courses to historical monuments and iconic structures including Olympics to World Cup and the Boston Marathon. When you step into Klocked World, you’ll truly make a world of your own.




Klocked is a sports metaverse with automated virtual sports production and stadium/mass participation activation. Klocked works for any sport. 


We started with mass participation events like cycling and running but all racing and team sports are compatible with Klocked.

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Own and augment the wide world of sports.

NFT Drops

Be the first to learn when the next sports property drops. All in 3D and AR with highlights and replays on Klocked Sportsnet.

Preview in 3D and AR

Preview iconic sports locations in 3D online and in AR with the Klocked App.

Utility & Secondary Markets

What would you do if you owned the Boston Common or Wembley? Experience it in 3D and AR; host an event, race, or game? Sell sneaker, gear, and hot dogs?


Spartan Store in Klocked World teleports and gears up athletes on the metaverse and in the real-world for their physical activities.



The Spartan store is an augmented reality portal to special features, unlocks, gear, sneakers, and apparel.

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The Pet Shop.

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Metaverse Ads

Klocked World Metaverse can now display dynamic virtual reality and augmented reality ads 

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Invest Smartly

Here's an opportunity to own a franchise in the Klocked World sports metaverse. Host events and own franchise store to earn revenue on Spartan digital merch, Spartan registration fees in Klocked, and NFTs.

Digital Merch - 30%

Race Fees - 30%

NFTs - 30%

Events - 70%




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Let's Build Klocked World Together

Klocked World is made up of parcels of land. A scene is an experience that is built on one or several parcels.

Scenes are displayed side by side and users and objects can freely walk / run / ride / fly from one to the other. Each scene is its own contained sandbox.


3D objects can be submitted for approval to be placed in Klocked World for display in the World, Klocked Sportsnet, and the Klocked App.


Contractor: a simple mechanism for land owners to request permits for audio, objects, interactivity, and/or ads to be placed in the scene.

Decentraland Builder (learn more) : a DIY drag and drop editor with no coding required. Build 3D objects for Klocked and submit.

3D Modeling

If you have experience with 3D modeling, you can use any 3rd party modeling tool to create 3D models for Klocked World to be submitted to the Contractor.

Real Estate


Add your brand and retail store to Klocked World, Klocked Sportsnet, and Klocked App. From sneakers to hats, the metaverse needs your product!



Offer services from physical therapy to museums and restaurants. There is no World without food!

Klocked World Stadium


Put on live concerts, special events, host challenges, raise money for charity. Let's celebrate and have some fun on the metaverse!

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Become a
Metaverse legend

Own popular Strava segments. Know a local legend? Have you created a course record with Klocked on a Strava segment?

Klocked World is the only way to own the sports world.

Stats, replays, 3D, AR, & more.


Build in 3D on the most popular Strava segments with Klocked World and  Decentraland Builder.


Offer services and become a Klocked World metaverse legend.

Klocked World Strava Explorer Requires free Strava account.


Featured DROPS


Share in revenue and prestige

When you purchase a plot of virtual sports real estate in Klocked World, you’ll not only own a one-of-a-kind digital item, you’ll also become a stakeholder on our platform and share in revenue created on your virtual land from user activity, including: In-game purchases, transactions, advertising, eCommerce, digital commerce, and gaming.


Owning virtual real estate, from the switchbacks on your run to Olympic stadium, Klocked World will be easy. We are working with NFT marketplace partners to be compatible with Crypto wallets and credit cards. then start buying and selling properties from the Great Lakes to the Great Wall!

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Land owners and potential land owners can submit Permit Applications for approval and construction on their land.


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