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Augment the wide world of sports with reality.

Klocked World is a virtual world where users buy, sell, collect, and curate unique virtual sports real estate.


The Klocked World virtual real estate platform is mapped over the entire surface of the globe, allowing users to purchase — and augment — any place on Earth. From stadiums to race courses to historical monuments and iconic structures including Olympic to World Cup and the Boston Marathon, when you step into Klocked World, you’ll truly make a world of your own.



Own and augment the wide world of sports.

NFT Drops

Be the first to learn when the next sports property drops. All in 3D and AR with highlights and replays on Klocked Sportsnet.

Preview in 3D and AR

Preview iconic sports locations in 3D online and in AR with the Klocked App.

Utility & Secondary Markets

What would you do if you owned the Boston Common or Wembley? Experience it in 3D and AR; host an event, race, or game? Sell sneaker, gear, and hot dogs?

Soccer Match

Share in revenue and prestige

When you purchase a plot of virtual sports real estate in Klocked World, you’ll not only own a one-of-a-kind digital item, you’ll also become a stakeholder on our platform and share in revenue created on your virtual land from user activity, including: In-game purchases, transactions, advertising, eCommerce, digital commerce, and gaming.


Owning virtual real estate, from the switchbacks on your run to Olympic stadium, Klocked World will be easy. We are working with NFT marketplace partners to be compatible with Crypto wallets and credit cards. then start buying and selling properties from the Great Lakes to the Great Wall!

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